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Terms 5 and 6

Summer Sing

Our topic this term is.....


How has life changed since the Queen's Coronation?


English: We will be thinking about story writing based on the Winnie The Pooh stories. We will start by writing character descriptions and setting descriptions and then plan and write our own stories. We will also be linking our writing into the topical theme of the Queen's Jubilee. We will be looking at features of letter writing and writing our own letters to her on her important day. 


Maths: We will be doing lots of re-capping and consolidating our basic number skills and timestables. Remeber to log onto TT Rockstars at home so you become fluent with knowing your timestables (Year 2's 2,5 and 10's, Year 3's 3,4 and 8's) We will continue our number work by looking at fractions. During the two terms we will be covering Statistics, time, length/height, position and direction and mass, capacity and temperature.


Science: Our topic for science this term is Living things and their habitats. We will be looking at characteristics of living things, adaptations to their habitats, food chains and making our own habitats in the form of a bug hotel. 


Art and DT: This term we will be looking at collages and how we can create different scenes and habitats from different materials. This is linked ot our science topic on livng things and habitats. We will be also be designing and making different habitats in a shoe box. We will be linking our DT to our Winnie the Pooh English focus by create some of our own moving toys. We will also be doing some food preparation in the form on designing and creating some delicious treats for a Queen's tea party. 


Geography will also be linked to our English focus of Winnie the Pooh and in particular 100 Acre Wood as we will be practising our fieldwork and observational skills by drawing simple maps and making and using our own key.


History: We will be focusing on the Queen's Coronation and what life was like during that time and what has changed. We will especially be looking at what every day life was like and how schools have changed.