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Term 2

Where did the Vikings come from?

This term in Theme, we will be exploring the topic of the Vikings.


In Geography we will be 'Exploring Scandanavia', which will include us locating, studying changes, researching and comparing life there to ours in the UK.


In History we will be discussing ‘Vikings vs. Anglo Saxons’. We will draw upon our existing knowledge of the Anglo Saxons, as we compare their life to that of the Vikings. As well as comparing settlements, we will be exploring famous battles and invasions and looking at their impact on England.



Scandanavian Artwork will be our focus for the term in art/DT. We will be looking at a range of different styles and practising how to re-create them ourselves!



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This term in Science, we will be exploring 'Sound'! We have lots of exciting investigations planned, to allow us to understand how and why we hear things. We will be looking at:


- How sounds vary. 

- Sounds are made from vibrations. 

- Why do sounds get fainter? 

- Volume of sound can vary due to energy. 

- How we hear things. 

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In English, we will be reading 'Viking Boy by Tony Bradman'. We will
be planning, editing and writing lots of different pieces of writing - all inspired by the thrilling story line!


Our Guided Reading sessions will explore a wide range of texts - some sessions will be directly linked to our class text, whilst some will be chosen from other exciting sources.


We will continue to cover all aspects of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG). We will focus on any new content at the beginning of a new piece of writing, then continue to revise aspects throughout each writing journey!

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In maths, both years 5 and 6 will be consolidating the work they have done with fractions, before moving on to look at Percentages and Decimals! We will have regular times table practise during maths starters as we continue to work towards achieving our times table challenges each Friday!


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