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Terms 1 & 2

Our whole school text this year...

In my heart

We did lots of work on feelings and emotions which will continue. 

We also created this amazing display!



Our topic this term is...

How do we travel?


During Terms 1 and 2 our topic had a history focus. We learnt about how people used to travel- looking at ships, flight and trains. We have learnt about local hero Brunel and were fascinated about his perseverance in introducing travelling by train and ship. We couldn't go to the SS Great Britain- but the SS Great Britain could come to us! We had fun launching the ship and even had a appearance by Prince Albert! 




In Term 2 we moved onto learning about The Wright Brothers. In DT, we designed, made, tested and altered our own paper aeroplanes - just like The Wright Brothers would have done. We tried using different types of paper and card and used different techniques for flying them. The results surprised us! 




We used the skills and knowledge we had learnt to design, make and evaluate our own kites. As it was nearly Christmas we decided to make them with a Christmas theme! We worked together and persevered, just like the Wright Brothers, and kept testing and altering our kites making improvements as we went. 



Our science work has been based on forces and magnets. We have explored magnets and worked in groups to plan and make our own magnetic game. It was great fun playing them in our mini classroom fair!  




Our English text at the beginning of Term 1 was The Green Ship - we wrote setting and character descriptions and delved into the text with lots of exciting book talk. 

In Term 2 our English work is based on the film clip 'Taking Flight. You can see the film here: 

We have written our own adventure stories with our own settings and modes of transport!

Mrs Baker-Brown was super impressed with our stories - here they are on Our Best Writing Yet display. We even took a copy home to share with our families. smiley


For Remembrance Day we wrote poems and created this display to remember those who had died.


During Anti Bullying week we discussed being good friends and being kind in Goldfinch Class, as well as what to do if someone was being bullied. We wore odd socks to school, and discussed how we are all different and all special in our own ways. 


We are starting to learn French too - c'est tres excitant!


We have had an amazing Term 1 and 2 and have all loved being in school so much! 

One of our final achievements was our Christmas production. It was different this year without an audience, but we all loved doing it just as much as normal. As one Goldfinch  said, "At least we didn't get stage fright!"

Have a look at our photos below. 



Our Christmas Production - Ralph the Reindeer!