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Term 1 and 2

This week we have enjoyed getting ready for Christmas and wearing our Christmas Jumpers for Christmas lunch.
We also had great fun helping to find the sprouts for Christmas dinner that had got 'lost' all around our classroom and outdoor area! Super sprout hunting and counting Robins!!
We have shared the story "Whatever next " this week and thought about what it might be like to visit the moon. We have written list of things we would take with us and postcards from the moon. In our maths learning we have been learning about shapes and we were expert shape spotters find and recording the shapes we could find inside and outside. We had great fun making moon dough too.
As part of our learning about "What is Dark?" we have been sharing the story of Owl babies and thinking about about animals that come out during the day and animals that come out at night. We have enjoyed lots of owl crafts are retelling the story in different ways.
This week we have shared the story of Rama and Sita and been thinking about the festival of Diwali. The children have enjoyed sharing the story through puppets, creating rangoli patterns in different ways and even a little bit of dancing with Mr Tucker.
We have really enjoyed our focus on traditional tales this term. Our final week has been all about The Gingerbread Man story. The Gingerbread man left us a letter challenging us to find him. We had to work out where the next clue was and 'run, run as fast as we could' to find where he was hiding! We also enjoyed practising running in relay and balancing races, decorated gingerbread men in the art area, wrote sorry notes to the gingerbread man and planned a picnic for the gingerbread man in the home corner. What a busy week!

This week we have been sharing the story of the Three little pigs and thinking about sorting and matching.

We had great fun in our first Forest Explorer sessions today. We played 1,2,3 Where are you?, collected different sized sticks and even spotted a magpie!

Super listening and exploring Robins!

We have all settled in really well to Robin class and have been enjoying exploring the learning environment.