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Terms 3&4

Book Week 2019

British Science Week 2019

The theme for this year's British Science Week was Journeys. As a whole school, we decided to investigate which is the fastest liquid and had lots of fun learning about viscosity and testing a range of liquids. Each class shared their findings in assembly and it was interesting to see the different results we all had. 

Are results were:


Overall, our fastest liquid was water and our slowest was honey (although some groups had to change the angle of their slope to get the ketchup to flow!). 




RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch 2019

We took part in this years Big Schools' Birdwatch organised by the RSPB to find out the types and numbers of birds to be found in school grounds around the country. We had to go outside for half an hour and keep very still and quiet so that we wouldn't scare away the birds. In pairs, we used the identification sheets to see which birds we were spotting and counted them. Back in class, we shared our results and worked out an average to submit to the RSPB. Luckily, it was a lovely sunny day- perfect for bird watching!





Anglo Saxon Workshop with Bristol Museum and making model Anglo Saxon villages

~ Happy New Year and Welcome Back to the Spring Term ~


This term our key question is 'How dark were the Dark Ages?' We will be learning all about what happened in Britain after the Romans left and when the Anglo Saxons arrived.


Our focus text in English will be the Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and we will be creating and preforming our own Knight's quest legends.