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Hello Kingfisher smiley


Welcome to our Home Learning page! This is where I'll put your work every week. I have put your work on for the next two weeks. This is the same as the paper copies I gave you on the last day of school (Year 4). Use your new work books for these activities. Remember to keep your work neat - especially handwriting! smiley Also, remember to use correct punctuation when writing. 


I am sure you will all work just as hard as you have done already this year. Take care of yourselves and others Kingfishers and we will speak again soon smiley


Miss Brown 

Message from Miss Brown: 31/5/20


Hello everyone!


From now on I won't be putting a weekly message on this part of the home learning page. Instead I will be putting a message on the same page for the Home Learning. So each week, you need to scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the star for the weeks Home Learning! 


Miss Brown

Message from Miss Brown: 24/5/20 HALF TERM and TERM 6


Hello everyone smiley


There won't be any home learning for you this week as it is half term and we have lots to do in school to get the environment ready for Robins, Owls and Kestrel. I am looking forward to seeing some of CDW in term 6 and will be joining Miss Paul in Kestrel for the first phase of the reopening of school. Don't worry though, I will still be posting home learning for you on here like normal laugh. Our English will focus around a book for Term 6 and it will be the same book we are looking at in Kestrel. This means we will be able to share learning with each other by sharing photos - which will be fun! I won't tell you the book just yet, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to respond to emails on Tuesday (26th) because staff are in school for the whole day for a very important meeting. But I look forward to seeing what you have all been up to soon smiley.  


I hope to see you all soon, 


Take care Kingfishers, 


Miss Brown

IMPORTANT Message from Miss Brown: 17.5.20


Hello Kingfishers smiley


I hope you are all well and staying safe! The reason this message is important this week is because I am creating a new sub page for this weeks home learning. This page is getting quite long now so each week I am going to create a sub page for all the new documents to be put into. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a star with the date 18.5.20 written next to it. Click on that and you will find all the learning for this week! I hope you enjoy the activities which have been set for you smiley.


Missing you all very much and looking forward to seeing you again soon, 


Miss Brown

Message from Miss Brown: 10.5.20


Hello everyone!


I hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend celebrating VE Day with your families. When I was in school on Friday, with key worker children, I did see some parties being set up in the street as I drove home - it looked very fun! Hopefully you enjoyed some of the VE Day activities that were set for you last week. 

I have made a separate subheading for this weeks work again as there are quite a few documents to upload, but I have labelled them clearly with the day and year group and there is guidance in the Home Learning document. The subheading you need to look for his Home Learning Wb. 11.5.20


I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe, 


Hope to see you soon, 


Miss Brown

Message from Miss Brown: 2.5.20


Hello there Kingfishers! 


I hope you have all had a lovely week! It was really great speaking to some of you on the phone on Monday and hearing about all the fun things you have been getting up to!  smiley

I hope you have enjoyed your home learning this week and have had fun writing about the Pigeon Detective! 

This weeks (wb. 4.5.20) home learning is all about VE Day! This year we are commemorating 75 years since the end of WWII. On May 8th, 1945, victory in Europe was announced, but what exactly is VE Day and how is it celebrated? One of your jobs this week is to find out!


In previous weeks, we have used White Rose Hub for your maths learning, however that is now changing and so it will be a little different this week. I have more documents to upload for maths so I have created another subheading for this weeks work further down the page. In the home learning notes, I have explained in a timetable in which order you should complete the maths activities - I hope it is easy to follow! 


There are lots of fun activities to complete this week for VE Day so it really would be lovely to see some photos. Don't forget to share them with me on Tuesday by emailing 


That's it for now! I hope to be seeing you all soon, 


Take care, 


Miss Brown

Message from Miss Brown: 26.4.20


Hello Kingfishers smiley


I hope you're all safe and well and managed to do some of the home learning from last week - don't worry if you weren't able to complete all of it! Thank you to those children who sent me pictures and videos of their learning last Tuesday. It seems that you are getting involved with lots of fun activities at home and some of you have done some fantastic home work to an excellent standard, so well done you!! If you look further down the page you will see the subheading Home Learning WB. 27.4.20 - that is where you will find your home learning for this week. I've given it it's own space on the page because there are some extra documents I've had to upload for this week! I hope you enjoy doing some of the activities, again don't worry if you can't get it all done smiley


I hope you have a lovely week, don't forget to email if you would like to!


I look forward to seeing you soon, 


Miss Brown

Message from Miss Brown: 17.4.20


Hello everyone! I hope you have had a lovely Easter break with your families at home. I have uploaded your home learning tasks for next week to the class page! You will notice that there are more Maths and English tasks for you to complete. There is a Maths lesson for every day of the week and 4 English lessons for you to complete (as some of these may take more than a day to finish). As well as these, you have some fun topic activities to do too! So lots and lots to keep you busy smiley


Hopefully this will mean you will have lots to share with me on Tuesdays. Remember to email the office with my name in the subject bar.


I hope you are all well and that you enjoy the week of learning which is ahead of you!


Looking forward to seeing you all soon, 


Miss Brown 

29.3.20 Message from Miss Brown


Hello Kingfishers :)


I hope you're enjoying your time at home with your families and getting stuck into your home learning tasks! I spent a lovely few days in school last week with some of our fellow Kingfishers and have spent the rest of my time staying at home getting some much needed jobs done! 

You should have your home learning tasks for this week already in your home learning books and I will be posting more activities for you soon to keep you busy for the coming weeks. If you would like to email me to show me photos of your home learning then send it to and it will be forwarded onto me. 


I hope you are all well and keeping safe smiley I really am looking forward to seeing you all soon. 


Miss Brown 

Easter Challenges!

Further learning in Maths


If you have been whizzing through your home learning tasks for Maths and are in need of other work to complete, then here you will find the Maths topics we still need to cover! 

The following websites will support you with your home learning of these topics:


Third Space learning 

Hamilton Trust


White Rose Hub


There are other resources out there. A simple search on Google, which includes your year group and learning objective, will bring up lots of resources to help you.

Also, don't forget the home learning tasks I am setting each week will go through these objectives. But if you simple can't wait and want to get stuck into them earlier then this is the information you will need to be able to do that! smiley


I would also like to reassure parents that these objectives will be revisited in September.


Year 4


Properties of Shape

1. Compare and classify geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles, based on their properties and sizes.

2. Identify acute and obtuse angles and compare and order angles up to 2 right angles by size.

3. Identify lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes presented in different orientations.

4. Complete a simple symmetric figure with respect to a specific line of symmetry.


Position & Direction

1. Describe positions on a 2-D grid as coordinates in the first quadrant.

2. Describe movements between positions as translations of a given unit to the left/right and up/down.

3. Plot specified points and draw sides to complete a given polygon.



1. Interpret and present discrete and continuous data using appropriate graphical methods, including bar charts and time graphs.

2. Solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in bar charts, pictograms, tables and other graphs.


Year 5


Properties of Shape

1. Identify 3-D shapes, including cubes and other cuboids, from 2-D representations.

2. Know angles are measured in degrees: estimate and compare acute, obtuse and reflex angles.

3. Draw given angles, and measure them in degrees (o)

4. Identify:

  • angles at a point and 1 whole turn (total 360o)
  • angles at a point on a straight line and half a turn (total 180o)
  • other multiples of 90o

5. Use the properties of rectangles to deduce related facts and find missing lengths and angles.

6. Distinguish between regular and irregular polygons based on reasoning about equal sides and angles.


Position & Direction

1. Identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a reflection or translation, using the appropriate language, and know that the shape has not changed.



1. Solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in a line graph.

2. Complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables.