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Terms 3&4

~ How dark were the Dark Ages? ~


Over the next two terms we will be answering the question 'How dark were the Dark Ages?', we will be exploring who the Anglo-Saxons were, why they invaded Britain and what life was like for them.

~ Anglo-Saxons Workshop ~

Today we had a visit from Bristol Museum, where we learnt all about Anglo-Saxons, some of whom settled in Bristol. We learnt about different kings, all about their home life and even got to try on some of their outfits!


Science Week - What is the fastest liquid?


This week we have been answering the above question, with a slight twist, does the viscosity of a liquid affect how quickly and far it travels? We tested 5 different liquids; baby shampoo, washing up liquid, honey, maple syrup, vegetable oil. We got a little bit sticky and oily but we had a great time experimenting! We found that honey was the slowest and vegetable oil was the fastest liquid.


Author Visit


This week we were lucky to have a visit from C.S. Clifford, an author who came to tell us all about his books. We had a Q/A assembly, presentation, writing task and suspense writing workshop. We loved hearing him tell a story, and loved sharing our own with him!