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Term 3 and 4

We explored Africa and the looked at similarities and differences between their culture and our own. We also tried some fruits that do not grow in our country.

Visit to St Barnabas

We enjoyed our walk and visit to St Barnabas Church with our reading buddies. Rev Jo shared the story of when Mary visited Jesus’ tomb and he appeared to her. We enjoyed listening to the story and creating our own pictures to show Mary and Jesus in the garden.

We travelled into space and found some aliens!

Chinese New Year

We enjoyed our visit from some of the team at the Bristol Museum to talk to use about Chinese New year and how it is celebrated. After we got the chance to try some of the Chinese food. We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year celebrations.

Our trip to Bristol Zoo


We had a lovely trip to Bristol Zoo Gardens today. We got to see some of the different animals at the Zoo and then we went to our Polar Experience workshop to support our learning about 'What is Cold.'


We met a Polar explorer who told us all about the clothes he had to wear. He needed six layers on his body to keep him warm and he wore three hats!

Our Polar explorer helped us think about the different animals that we might find in a polar land by sharing different artefacts with us.  
We even had a go at being Emperor penguins and huddling together to stay warm. Some of us even had the chance to pretend to be Mummy and Daddy penguins looking after the eggs by caring them on our feet. It was very tricky. 
We even got to see a life size polar bear. We had a great day at the zoo.

This term we are thinking about the question "What is cold?"


We have been sharing the story of 'Cubs first Winter' to help us learn about winter. Cub has lots of questions that we have been trying to help him answer.

"Why is the river solid?"

we enjoyed exploring and talking about the ice to help answer Cubs question.



"It's slippery" Zachary


"It's melted, it's turned to water"


"In winter when it is really cold the river freezes over." 


"I can see lots of bubbles in it."


"If we put the ice under the tap it will melt and put a whole in it"


"If we leave it outside at night for a long time it will freeze again"