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Terms 3 and 4

Our topic this term is...

How is Africa different to our home? 

In English we will start by using the text Meerkat Mail to write a character description of Sunny the meerkat. We will also be practising our letter writing skills by discovering the route Sunny took and writing our own postcards and letters - just like Sunny did. We will also be learning all  about meerkats and wrtiing a non-chronological report about them. So if you want to know anything about meerkats, then we will be the experts to talk to!  

This topic is Geography based, so we will be learning lots more about Africa and practising our map skills by using different atlases, globes and creating our own maps and routes. We will be comparing Kenya with our own village of Claverham and seeing just how different they are by using geographical terms to describe physical and human features and finding out about the climate. 

Our Artwork will be based on developing our drawing and sketching skills by drawing meerkats which we can include in our non-chronological reports on meerkats. We will be using peer critique to improve our work and working together as a crew to create the best work we can! We will also be learning to mix paints to create an effective African sunset using an African animal silhouette to set this off. 


In History this term we will be learning about significant individuals and the impact they have had. Our focus will be on Sarah Forbes Bonetta. We will be discovering how she was significant and what she did, and comparing her to other significant individuals that we have previously learnt about and plotting them on our class timeline. 

Our Science this term is focused on climate and the seasons. We will be using equipment to measure rainfall and monitoring the temperature outside our classroom. We will be looking at the seasons across the year and seeing how these vary. We'll also be comparing this to the climate in Kenya! 

In Maths we will continue with our work on shape. We will importantly be re-capping and consolidating our addition and subtraction skills by practising this daily to improve our confidence, speed and fluency- this will really help us in all our maths work. Lots of daily practise at home will help this too. We will also be learning multiplication and division skills. Remember to log onto Times Tables Rock Stars and see the others games links on our first class page on this website. We will then move on to using money and using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills with money. We are going to be working super hard in maths and having so much fun!