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Terms 5 and 6


Our theme for History in term 5 and 6 is Maafa. This project teaches children about Africa past and present, with a particular focus on Benin. It traces the development of the slave trade and explores Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, the causes and consequences of the European colonisation of Africa and the worldwide communities that make up the African diaspora. We will also be discussing local context - Bristol's part in the slave trade. 



During term 5 and 6, we will be following our new topic of 'Our Changing World'. This essential skills and knowledge project revises the features of Earth, time zones and lines of latitude and longitude to pinpoint places on a map. Children find out more about map scales, grid references, contour lines and map symbols. They learn about climate change and the importance of global trade. Children analyse data and carry out fieldwork to find out about local road safety. They study patterns of human settlements and carry out an enquiry to describe local settlement patterns.



This term we will be learning about the circulatory system. This project teaches children about the transport role of the human circulatory system, its main parts and primary functions. They learn about healthy lifestyle choices and the effects of harmful substances on the body.


Art and DT

Our art topic in terms 5 and 6 is called 'Trailblazers, Barrier Breakers' and links with our Maafa topic for History. This project teaches children about significant black artists and their work, and provides opportunities to analyse and create artwork inspired by them.


Our DT topic is called 'Food for Life'. This project teaches children about processed food and healthy food choices. They make bread and pasta sauces and learn about the benefits of whole foods. They plan and make meals as part of a healthy daily menu, and evaluate their completed products.