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Terms 1&2

Magical Magnets

In Science, we have been learning about magnets. We had fun exploring how two magnets can attract or repel each other and learnt about the North and South Poles within magnets. We also explore which materials are magnetic and used this information to make some magical magnet mazes.



Collecting nouns and adjectives ready for some descriptive writing

Children In Need 2020!

We enjoyed wearing our spottiest clothes to raise money for this year's Children In Need appeal. Sofia and Ruby used their cutting skills to try and recreate pictures of Pudsey bear.


Launch of the SS Great Britain

As part of our theme work about 'How do we travel?' we have been learning about Brunel and the launch of the ship he designed called the SS Great Britain. We had a letter from the SS Great Britain Trust asking for our help to design a commemorative plate to celebrate the launch of this amazing ship over 150 years ago. We had to include an image of the ship or one of its features, the key dates and some colourful patterns. Miss Hunt thinks we did a great job- what do you think?



Autumn Senses Walk

We learnt about the five senses and went on a walk of the school grounds to look for signs of autumn. We smelt saw colourful leaves, smelt smoky bonfires, heard rustling leaves, felt rough tree bark and tasted sour blackberries. 



Welcome back!


For the first few weeks the whole school will be exploring the story 'In My Heart' and in Owl Class we will be learning more about our feelings and how we can manage them.



This term our learning theme is all about transport and our key question is:

How do we travel?


We will be reading...