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We believe that English skills should be embedded throughout the curriculum and we strive to ensure that they are woven into all aspects of learning.  This cross-curricular approach enables the children to write for a real purpose and to make links between subjects.


Our school follows the National Curriculum 2014 for English.  Each Year group follows their Programme of Study.  


Phonics & Spelling
We place great importance on the teaching of phonics.  EYFS use the ‘Jolly Phonics’ approach, which combines actions with sounds and visual representations.  As children progress through Year 1 and 2, they move on to learning spelling rules using Letters and Sounds as a basis.  This continues into Key Stage 2.  We use the National Curriculum 2014 to ensure progression across the teaching of spelling.


Grammar and Punctuation

The National Curriculum sets out the learning for all year groups in relation to grammar and punctuation. 


Our school uses a range of texts to support the teaching of reading.  For early readers, we use a phonic-based scheme called Phonic Bug.  As the children become more confident readers, they progress through our coloured book bands, according to their reading development. These texts include those from the ‘Rigby Star’ scheme.  When we feel they have achieved a good level of decoding and comprehension skills, children select books from our Developers and Challengers range. 

Our whole school Reading Challenge rewards children with certificates for the amount of times they read either at home or at school. They can achieve the following certificates:

Emerald     10 reads

Sapphire    25 reads

Ruby          50 reads

Bronze       75 reads

Silver        100 reads

Gold          150 reads

Super Reader 200 reads