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Term 3

Our new learning theme this term is 'What is Cold?'. During this learning theme we will be thinking about why some animals hibernate in winter and some move to warmer places. We will be looking at where in the world is cold and what animals we may find there and how they can survive. We will also be doing lots of ice and melting investigating. 

These are some of the texts that we will be reading and exploring this term...

This term we have enjoyed exploring cold and ice using our senses to write our own cold poetry. We have learned about the Arctic and the Antarctic and the different animals that live there. We have pretended to be penguins keeping their egg safe on their feet (it is much harder than it looks) and begin part of a penguin huddle to keep warm. 

Children's mental health day

The theme this year is 'Let's Connect' and explores how we can come together to help each other. There have been lots of great activities going on and every day we have taken a 5 minute fun mindfulness breathing break to reflect together in our classes. 


Robin class enjoyed sharing the story 'The Invisible String' which explores the connection we have with families, freinds and people all over the world. We used wool to map out a web to share the connections we have to each other as a class and then thought about what we like to do in the future when we are adults. 

Online Safety

During this term we have been thinking about how to make good choices when we are online. We shared the story "Digiduck's Big Decision". In this story it talks about being a good friend to others on the internet and how it is important to treat and speak to people in the same way as real life on the internet.

Digiduck has a visit from Wise_Owl who helps him to think about how his friends would feel if he sent all his friends a silly photo of one of their friends. Luckily Digiduck makes the right decision.