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Week Beginning 22.6.20

Hello Owls,


I hope you have all had a good week and managed to enjoy the sunshine in between the showers! I wonder if any of you have seen a rainbow in the sky this week?


In school, we enjoyed talking about the story of the Rainbow Fish and how special his scales were to him. We shared things, people and places that are special to us and drew pictures of them to make rainbow posters. I hope you had a chance to think about what things are special to you too.


Next week we have a new story to look at all about different colours and we will also be thinking about the story of Noah and the Ark- fingers crossed that doesn't make it rain even harder though. 


I hope you are managing to have a go at the Maths lessons on the BBC website- we have been enjoying watching the videos and completing the worksheets each day in school. If you would like some more Maths or to try something different I have included a link to the resources on the Oak Academy website for you.


It has been lovely to be able to speak to a few of you this week when I have rung your homes and the other teachers have let me know how you are getting on if they are the ones that rang your family. I am happy to hear that lots of you are excited to come in to school in a few weeks, it will be so lovely to see you!


Until then, take care, work hard and have fun!

Miss Hunt