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Terms 5 & 6

This term our topic is 'What makes our world wonderful?'

We will be continuing with a living things theme for Science and looking closely at our plants grow and stay healthy. This will include lots of investigative work in class! 

Our English focus this term is continuing with Fairy tales. We will be moving from Little Red Riding Hood to Jack and the Beanstalk. The children will be writing a range of texts, including character descriptions, instruction writing and story writing. 





As part of our Plants topic, we have been looking at different types of Plant foods. As a class, we discussed the different foods and places them into 6 categories. These where fruits, stems and shoots, nuts and seeds, flowers, leaves and roots. 



Later on in the term, we began to grow our own plants. We had a go at growing cress in the classroom. We grew every tub in the same condition, however we were left with slightly confusing results...


Some grew, but others didn't! As a class, we discussed possible reasons as to how this happened. We came to the conclusion that some tubs must have had more shade at the very start which allowed them to grow better because they didn't dry out!



In RE we have been looking at the unit 'Where do I belong?'. Recently, we have been discussing the creation story and talking about the different days. 

In RE we played a fun game called the Photocopying game. The class was split into groups and asked to choose one person to look at a piece of art work showing the creation story. That persons task was to look at the picture and report back to the rest of their group what they saw. This was then repeated so everyone in the group had seen the picture. Through good speaking and listening skills, the children have to recreate the picture as well as they could.



Leading on from the Creation story, we began to look at Shabbat Day. In class, we made our own Kippahs and Challah bread for our own Shabbat day in class. 

Shabbat Day