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Term 4

Our new learning theme this term is 'Who can help us?'. We will be thinking all about superheroes from local heroes in our community to caped crusaders! During this learning theme we will be finding out about the different jobs people have and how they help us. In particular we will be thinking about Emergency workers and how they help keep us safe. We will also be learning about the importance of brushing our teeth and washing our hands to help look after ourselves and keep us healthy.

If you feel that you have a expertise in this area and would like to share with the children the job that you do, please get in touch with us!

These are some of the texts that we will be reading and exploring this term...

Term 4 Week 1 

We enjoyed going on a vegetable hunt around the classroom as an ignition for our new story 'Supertato'. There was also great excitement as the children helped to set up our new '999 Emergency' role play area and got stuck in exploring the different roles of people who help us!