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Hello Goldfinches!


I hope you are all well and have had a good week. I've been busy writing your reports during the last couple of weeks and thinking about all the fun learning we did when we were together. I was thinking about our trip to Bristol Zoo. The photos are on the website in Terms 1 and 2 if you'd like to look back at them.  


How did you get on with writing your own versions of Little Red Riding Hood? Did you have some interesting characters in your story? If you would like to send your writing in to me I'll put it here on the website. Have a look at last weeks information and you'll find lots of amazing 'best lockdown writing yet' that lots of you sent in! Thank you so much for sending your work, I loved reading them all and it made me super proud of you to see how much you are remembering to put in your writing. 


This week you can write your story into a playscript and make a puppet show which will be a fun way of doing your English. If you'd like to send a MINI video clip of this to me I'll TRY to upload it to the website!  


We have got lots more birds visiting our garden now and we put food out for them which encourages even more. Charlie doesn't pay much attention to them but Archie thinks they are his friends and trots over to try to say hello! Have a look this week to see which birds are visiting your garden. Arran was lucky enough to be visited by a Goldfinch in his garden and sent me a photo which you can see here. I'm going to be looking out for a Goldfinch this week too! 


I hope you have a lovely week Goldfinches. Take care and stay safe.


From Mrs Baker-Brown smiley