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Term 3 and 4



This term our topic is Sow, Grow and Farm. We shall be starting some new and exciting topic projects this term in Geography, Science, Art and DT. 

Below, you will find information about our topic projects, and your child will be sent home with more detailed knowledge organisers for extra information. 


Geography - Sow, Grow and Farm

Our project this term will teach children about the features and characteristics of land use in agricultural regions across the world, including a detailed exploration of significant environmental areas. The children will also have the opportunity to plant and grow their own vegetables in school in their own veggie patch!


DT - Eat the Seasons!

The project will teaches children about the meaning and benefits of seasonal eating, including food preparation and cooking techniques. We will be using our own grown produce to make some delicious dishes!


Science - Human reproduction and ageing

This project teaches children about animal life cycles, including the human life cycle. We will also be exploring human growth and development to old age, including the changes experienced during puberty and human reproduction.


Art - Line, Light and Shadows

The project will teach children about the visual qualities of line, light and shadow. They will explore the work of Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt and are introduced to a range of shading techniques. They will take black and white photographs and use pencil, pen and ink wash to reimagine their photographs in a shaded drawing.

Nature's Art

This project will teach the children about the genre of land art. They will work outdoors to sketch natural forms and explore the sculptural potential of natural materials before working collaboratively to create land art installations.




Soup WOW Day! We used our knowledge of seasonal vegetables to make delicious vegetable soups. We prepared, chopped, cooked and tasted!

Science: UWE and Futures workshop. We learnt all about the cardiovascular system and how bypass surgery works. After experimenting, we had an opportunity to talk to a real life scientist from this field of work!

Science Week Experiment! 'Does the angle of a rocket affect the way it moves?'

Art - black and white photography

RE - Rev. Nigel spoke to us about the Trinity and what it means to Christians.

Our trip to The Community Farm!

We were visited by local farmers who talked to us about their work. We also got to meet some lambs!