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Terms 3-4

Safer Internet Day 2018

Tuesday 6th February was Safer Internet Day. We spoke as a class about the different fun things we can do on the internet as well as how it can help us learn. We also spoke about how we can use the internet in a safe way. We spoke a lot about social media and came up with some solutions to problems that we might face on the internet. Finally, we wrote our own internet safety top tip cards which we decorated and are taking home to remind us to stay safe on the internet. Our main top tip was: If you see something you don't like or that upsets you, block it and tell an adult straight away!


Life Bus Visit

On Monday 5th February, Kingfisher Class visited the Life Education Bus to talk about drugs and the effect they have on our bodies. We talked about medical and non-medical drugs and learnt the importance of not taking drugs that have been prescribed for someone else.


We also learnt about being assertive and came up with some top tips for being assertive when dealing with a problem or disagreement. 

Kingfisher's Top Tips for Being Assertive


- Use a calm voice

- Stand up straight

- Make eye contact

- Say 'no' (repeat if needed)

- reach a compromise

- walk away

Shang Dynasty Field Systems

We have been learning how farmers in the Shang Dynasty had a problem with the Yellow River overflowing and flooding their fields. Miss Hunt read us the story of Yu the Great and how he helped his people by designing a field irrigation system of canals to divert water away from the crops. We had a go at designing our own field irrigation systems and then flooded them to see how successful they were.


Making and testing our field irrigation designs

Shang Dynasty Food

As part of our work learning about the Shang Dynasty, we have explored some of the foods they would have grown in Ancient China. Miss Hunt bought in some of the food for us to explore and we enjoyed using our different senses to see what they were like. We looked at: Pak Choi, ginger, soy beans, star anise, peaches and black tea. The Star Anise was our favourite as it smelt like liquorice!

Here are some pictures of us exploring the food:



Happy New Year!

Celebrate China!

This term our theme is 'Celebrate China!'. We are going to be exploring the Ancient Shang Dynasty and learning more about early Chinese culture.


Year 4s will be reading 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman as their class text, whilst Year 5s will be reading 'The Kite Rider' by Geraldine McCaughrean.