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Term 5

This term our new learning theme is 'What is at the bottom of the garden?' We will be exploring planting and growing, discovering minibeasts and visiting a farm. We will also be thinking about how to keep our bodies healthy and the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet.  

These are some of the texts we will be sharing...

Planting our own vegetables 

We started our new theme by sharing the story of Oliver's Vegetables and then enjoyed planted our own broad bean seeds. We were careful to push the seed into the middle of the pot and carefully cover it with compost after wishing our beans good luck to grow well! We can't wait to see how tall they grow! 

Brushing our Teeth

This morning we enjoyed finding out how to brush our teeth. We used disclosing tablets to show use where we missed parts of our teeth when brushing. When we chewed the tablets it turned newer plaque red and older plaque blue that was on our teeth. This showed us where we needed to brush our teeth more carefully. We loved looking at the coloured dye on our teeth and we had purple tongues until lunchtime.

Planting Peas

This afternoon we worked with a partner to listen to Mrs Sims instructions to plant some pea seeds. We are looking forward to watching them grow.

Hungry Caterpillar Workshop

This morning we had a visit from Chartwell's who were helping us learn about the different food groups and the importance of having a healthy balanced diet. We shared the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and used the vegetables to create our own caterpillars.

Bug Hotels

We decided it would be a good idea to make more safe spaces in our outside environment for some insects as we know that they like cool, dark places like under rocks and leaves. We worked with our partner to create our own bug hotels using natural objects and then put them in spaces around our outside area. We are excited to see if any insects come to visit our bug hotels.

Class Visit to The Community Farm, Chew Magna

We had a fantastic day exploring the farm and saw tomato plants growing in the poly tunnels, smelt garlic and tasted different types of lettuce in the crop fields, spotted apple blossom trees and hunted for clues to guess which different animal habitats were around the farm. We played hide and seek and had a run around in the huge buttercup field where the grass was really long. Then we enjoyed looking at different types of seeds and planted some of our own to take home. Finally we loved playing the seed growing game in our groups where we had a race to collect all the things the plant would need to turn into a shoot - air, light, warmth, water and soil. What a great day Robins!


Caterpillar life cycle

As part of our learning theme "What's at the bottom of your garden?" we have been learning about minibeast habitat and life cycles. Today we have been thinking about the life cycle of a caterpillar and the different stages it goes through. We acted out the different stages pretending to be an egg, growing into a caterpillar, changing into a chrysalis and then a butterfly. The children went on to explored a range of different butterfly and caterpillar activities.