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At Court de Wyck Church School, we teach History in a way that inspires our children to want to know about the past. We use Curriculum Maestro to ensure effective coverage and progression of knowledge and skills with our curriculum being based on the following principles:

  • Ensuring that children have a deep-rooted understanding of the impact of historical periods on Britain, their local community, and the world. 

  • Understanding the comparisons between their lives and those of people in the past, reflecting on the achievements made by others to provide them with the opportunities for future success. 

  • Providing opportunities for children to revisit and systematically build on their historical knowledge year on year, ensuring that they build a secure chronological awareness of historical periods. 

  • Ensuring that children know more and can remember more through end of unit quizzes and their own ongoing timelines showing their learning journey in History.  

  • Children develop the skills and language required to enable them to communicate their understanding in History.  

  • Inspire children's curiosity to take ownership for their own learning. 

  • Capturing children’s interest in History through practical opportunities to apply and deepen their skills and knowledge. 


Throughout their learning in History, we ensure that pupils: 

  • Explore and discuss artefacts, including replicas 

  • Visit places of significant historical interest where possible, such as the SS Great Britain, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Clevedon Pier.

  • Have access to quality secondary sources such as books, internet and photographs 

  • Hear first-hand accounts of personal experiences of the past 

  • Listen to and interact with stories from the past 

  • Undertake their own historical research by interviewing family and friends about changes in their lives 

  • Use drama and dance to re-enact historical and explore historical events 

  • Have opportunities to work independently or collaboratively and to ask and answer historical questions 

  • Develop their understanding of chronology through use of timelines. 


Our curriculum follows a carefully planned rolling programme to suit our mixed aged classes. 

See below for this year's History curriculum: