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Welcome to Kestrel Class!

The Year 5/6 team:

Miss Brown - Class Teacher

Mrs Benzie - Teaching Assistant

Mr Tiddy - Teaching Assistant

Thursday afternoons - PE with the sports coach and Music with Mrs Benzie.


Useful info...

Spelling lists are handed out on the first day of every term.


Times tables and spellings are expected to be practised weekly at home. This can be done using TT Rockstars, or if your child would prefer to have paper times table grids/worksheets to work from please just ask! 


Spelling tests are every Friday - please support your child by helping them to learn these at home.


Spellings will be posted at the bottom of this page at the beginning of every term just in case paper copies are misplaced. 


For information regarding our termly learning and topics please click the stars below! :)

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Weekly Blog

Week 3

This week we ignited our new English, History and Science topics. In English, we enjoyed creating story maps for our new text 'Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat'. We studied timelines of the invasion of Britain through the ages and in Science we reminded ourselves of what carnivores, omnivores and herbivores are. We also found out what a frugivore was - a new favourite word in Kestrel Class!


Week 4

This week the children have been taking their writing to a whole other level! We have been focussing on innovating aspects of our model text by using fronted adverbials, powerful adjectives and verbs, similes, hyphenated words, personification and short sentences to build suspense! Below are some examples of the fantastic writing for you to enjoy :) 


'Underneath the lorry, Zelda waited as the great rain-cat drew closer. And closer. Emerald green eyes glistened in the wind. Zelda could hear it, she could see it but not quite. She paused. Nearer it came like a cat chasing a mouse. The notorious rain-cat froze by the lorry's engine and sniffed. It was there. Could it sense Zelda's mortality?'


'With every muscle exhausted, she could bear it no longer. Leaping out from underneath the vehicle, Zelda sprinted back across the flooded road and jumped onto and over a red brick wall. She stopped dead in her tracks. Alone! The rain-cat had not followed but Zelda could hear it's deadly screech. A sound that seemed to tear the cold night in half. Zelda shivered. Was she safe?'


'Under the motor, Zelda waited but the great rain-cat drew closer! And closer. Emerald eyes shone manically and Zelda could hear it's needle claws screeching on the glistening tarmac. Nearer it came. The great cat paused by the lorry's engine and sniffed. Could it smell Zelda's death?'



Week 6

This week in Science, the children have been consolidating their learning about the digestive system with some hands on science! Working in groups, they recreated the digestive system using the following items:

- orange juice (stomach acid)

- water (saliva)

- crackers for food

- tights (small intestines)

- paper cup (large intestines)

- plastic bag (stomach)


The children enjoyed this activity very much, despite them finding it very gross!!

Week 7

This week, we followed an Anglo-Saxon recipe to make oat, honey and spice cakes. They were very similar to flapjacks but with honey to replace golden syrup and cinnamon for an extra kick! We then wrote our own instructions in English lessons.


Term 2


Week 2


This week in History, we have been learning about how Christianity changed in Britain after the Romans left. We made posters to showcase our learning. 

Week 3

This week, the Year 6s visited the Life Skills Centre in Bristol. They were able to take part in a range of different activities. Activities included: how to phone for emergency services, what to do in a house fire, how to keep safe when near to roads and railways and development of money skills in shops. They all had a great time and learnt very important life skills for the future.


Week 5

Kestrel Class have started their new writing topic. We begun our writing topic with an ignite lesson. They worked in groups to find hidden envelopes around the classroom. They then used information displayed around the room to work out which facts belonged to which Anglo – Saxon King.


Week 6 

This week, Kestrel class have been exploring sound. We used tuning forks in water to see the vibrations travel! 

Week 7

This week, Kestrel Class took part in an aerospace science event put on by the RAF. It was a live online event which involved: making rockets, testing rockets and designing eco friendly aircraft for the future. 


Term 3 and 4 Highlights! 

Science - investigating how different surfaces generate different levels of friction.

Science - exploring pneumatic systems

World Book Day!

Science - exploring different electrical circuits as part of our science week!

Our incredible science board for the school science fair!

Art - admiring Mrs Chaplow's beautiful chinese inspired art work. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Science - Engineering day lead by UWE student Miss Jones.

Dance Show!