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Term 2

Happy New Year and welcome back!


This term the question we will be trying to answer is 'How dark were the dark ages?'. The children will be learning all about the Anglo Saxons in History and will be reading the wonderful story of Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo in English. 



In Science, the children will be answering the question 'Can you feel the force?' through a wide variety of different investigations. We will be investigating water and air resistance, gravity and mechanisms. By the end of the term the children will have become inventors and will be designing their own crazy contraptions!





We made Anglo Saxon Villages!

Science Week


This week we have been trying to answer the question 'Can a liquids viscosity affect the speed in which it travels?' 


We tested the viscosity by filling a tube with liquid and then timing how quickly it would take for a marble to reach the bottom of it. Our second test allowed us to test how far the liquid could travel in a set time. By using a whiteboard, we poured the liquids down the slope and measure how far it travelled in 5 seconds. 


We put the results into a comparison graph. By looking at the graph you can clearly see that when a liquids viscosity reading is high its distance reading is low.



We found out from our results that the thicker the liquid the slower it will travel.