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We are delighted to share our SIAMS Inspection Report from 13th March 2023 with an Overall Grade of 'Good' and an award of 'Excellent' for the Impact of Collective Worship. 


This report reflects some of the amazing work that happens at Court de Wyck. We hope you will join with us in feeling proud and celebrating the wonderful school community that we have. 

Some of the key findings from the report are as follows:


  • The school promotes an effective Christian vision through strong leadership which ensures the flourishing of all pupils and adults.
  • Collective Worship is an exemplary and outstanding feature of the school. It is clearly invitational and inclusive, and pupils are inspired to sing enthusiastically.
  • Older pupils understand themselves as agents of change motivated by the vision.
  • Worship is deeply moving with a strong spiritual impact on all participants.
  • The impact of Worship can be seen rippling through the whole school community and beyond. 
  • RE is effectively taught with pupils demonstrating confident reflection skills. There is a maturity of thought evident in the way pupils discuss the theology and philosophy of religion. RE has a clear impact on pupils’ lives and their personal spirituality.
  • The school has a very strong sense of community driven by the vision. This is seen in supportive partnerships between the school, parents, the church, and the wider community.
  • The school lives the Christian vision through comprehensive pastoral and academic care in educating and supporting all pupils.
  • The vision is truly lived by pupils and is apparent in positive relationships and good behaviour.
  • There is a sense that everyone is valued, with needs appropriately met. Adults and pupils feel well cared for and supported.


Please see the full report below.