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Terms 1 and 2

Term 1

It's been a fabulous start to the school year! The whole school has really enjoyed our whole school topic based on the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker.


In Goldfinch Class, we practised our handwriting and mark making skills by creating hot air balloons. We then wrote our own captions and speech bubbles for different parts of the story. We especially enjoyed having our own red crayon to draw what we would like to see through a mysterious red door. We were super proud to share our work in a special assembly. 

Cave or Castle?

Our topic has begun! We are basing our initial work on the text George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell.  


Ukelele Lessons!

This term we are having whole class ukelele lessons! It's so fun playing an instrument! 


Caldicot Castle Trip

Goldfinch and Owl Class had a great day out at Caldicot Castle. The excitement began when a knight met us on the drawbridge. He told us all about the weapons knights used, the clothes they wore and the history of Caldicot Castle. We enjoyed hearing about the punishments following different crimes! We explored the castle, including the keep and the tower and had a castle banquet for our lunch!