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Term 3, 2022

Happy New Year Robins and welcome to 2022!


Our new learning theme is 'What is Cold?' and we have an exciting term planned for you. 

We will be reading and exploring these stories...

Exploring Ice!

We have enjoyed getting outside to explore the icy and frosty weather finding different patterns around our school grounds. Back in the classroom we investigated how long it would take the ice blocks to melt in our tuff tray and made predictions to see if they would still be there at the end of the day! We also came up with some great describing words to write our own ice senses poems. 


Tracking Game

We have been thinking about tracks and patterns that animals leave in the frost and snow so in Forest Explorers we spilt into two groups and were challenged to leave a trail behind for the next group to follow. The children worked together to make arrows out of sticks on the ground to tell the other group which direction to go. We also made 'X' signs to show which way not to go and then hid at the end of the trail.

Both groups showed great teamwork and communication skills and worked brilliantly together to lay the trails and hide from each other. They also managed to stay extremely quiet whilst waiting to be found!! Well done Robins!

Chinese New Year

​​We have been learning about how some people celebrate Chinese New Year. We enjoyed creating our own dragon puppets, lanterns, sharing the story of how the years were named after the different animals. We learned about the importance of the dancing Lions and Dragon during the celebration of the Chinese New Year.