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Term 4, 2022

Our learning theme this term is 'Who Can Help Us?' We will be thinking all about superheroes from local heroes in our community to caped crusaders! 

We can't wait to start our theme by sharing the adventures of Supertato with you!


We have transformed our role play area into a '999 Emergency Headquarters' which the children have loved helping to set up and play in!

World Book Day

We had a lovely day celebrating World Book day dressed as some of our favourite characters. We also created our very own Supertato's. 

Visit from PCSO Knox

As part of our learning "Who can help us?" PCSO Knox came to visit us with his Police car.

He brought us lots of different hats that are worn by different types of Police officers, that we are able to try on. We were able to go and see his police car and even put the siren on and the lights. He had lots of different things in the boot of the car that he might need to use to help someone. How many can you remember?

We talked about all the different ways the Police can help us and the children asked and answered PCSO KNox's questions really well.

Fire Engine and Ambulance visit


This afternoon we were very lucky to have a visit from a Fire engine and Ambulance and their crew. The Crew on the fire engine showed us the special equipment and clothes that they need to wear when they go to a fire. We were able to have a go using the fire hose if we wanted to - it was really powerful.


The crew on the ambulance showed us some of their special equipment, some of us used the device to show our heart rate and oxygen levels. We also had a go at using the stethoscope and their special torch that they use to look at people eyes.

Our JCB Visit

As part of our learning “Who can help us?” We had a visit from a JCB. The driver who operates the JCB told us all about the different parts of the JCB and the sort of jobs that they do to help people. He told us about the different size scoops that are on the JCB and how they are used to move things and dig holes. One of the main jobs of this digger is for digging holes for the electricity poles that need to go in the ground. We talked about the importance of some of the things they wear like the high-viz jackets, hard hats and steel toe capped boots to help keep them safe when they are working. 

Dirty Bertie Germ Investigation

We received a letter from Dirty Bertie asking us for his help to investigate the best way to clean our hands. He asked us to carry out a Glitter Germ investigation.

We had to predict which way would be the best way to clean our hands.

Using a paper towel                 Using water                           Using soap and water


We had 3 volunters to help us investigate.

We had cough glitter germs, sore throat giltter germs and runny nose glitter germs.

We looked at what would happen if the boys touched the same things or gave each other a high five.




We noticed how easy it was for the glitter germs to spread. Now they all had all of the Glitter germs. This showed us how important it is to wash our hands.

Now we had to find out which was the best way to clean our hands to get rid of the Glitter Germs. We found the that using the paper towel there were lots of Glitter germs left on our hands. Washing with just water got rid of lots of the Glitter Germs but there were still some left. Using soap and water cleaned off most of the Glitter germs.


We found that using soap and water was the best for cleaning our hands.


We went on to explore this in our independent learning. There were some dirty hands that we needed to clean and again we found that soap and water were the best for cleaning dirty hands.


We have enjoyed learning about the importance of Easter for some Christians. We have shared the story of Good Friday, the Last Supper and Easter Sunday and talked about how Easter Sunday is a happy day for some Christians as Jesus is risen and the sign of New life at Easter.