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It is the primary aim at Court de Wyck Church School that every child and adult is valued and respected and everybody is treated fairly. We aim to promote an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure. As part of our Christian ethos, we value each and every individual and work in close partnership with families of the children in our care. Our Christian values of respect, responsibility, courage, hope, perseverance and compassion run through our approach and beliefs. We ensure that all staff maintain consistency in their approach at all times.


Ofsted, May 2023:

"The headteacher and her staff have high expectations for pupils' behaviour and conduct. Pupils are polite and welcoming. They understand the school rules and follow them well. This starts in the early years. Children sustain their attention, listen carefully to staff and behave well."

"Pupils have positive attitudes towards their learning. They behave well in lessons and during social times."

"Leaders support pupils' personal development well. Pupils understand that a good friend needs to be respectful, kind and trusting. Pupils talk confidently about the importance of treating everyone equally."


SIAMS, March 2023:

"The behaviour policy is clearly rooted in the vision. It is truly lived by pupils and is apparent in positive relationships and good behaviour."


At Court de Wyck the following principles underpin our approach to behaviour: 

  • Positive relationships are crucial. 

  • Every day all members of the school community will be made to feel important, valued and like they belong.   

  • High expectations for good behaviour are set (above and beyond) and are deliberately recognised.  

  • Positive and negative behaviours and consequences are kept separate with distinct outcomes.  

  • Zones of Regulation are embedded and used across the school to support children in regulating their emotions.  

  • All adult responses are predictable, consistent and empathetic.  


Children and staff are expected to follow these three rules:  

  1. Be ready 

  2. Be respectful 

  3. Be safe