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Terms 3&4

Learning how good hygiene helps us to stay healthy and practising our hand washing in Science!

Visit from 'Cadcharacters'

As part of our topic on 'How can we stay healthy?', we have been learning about Florence Nightingale and how she helped soldiers stay healthy in the past. We had a visit from a Crimean War soldier called 'Bert' who told us what life was like in the hospital before Florence arrived and the changes she made. We had lots of fun acting out being Florence and some of us even got to dress up!



In History we have been learning about chronological order. We brought in some photos from home of us at different ages and had a go at ordering them chronologically to create a timeline. We talked about how we could look at our height, hair length, clothes and the background to help us work out when the photos were taken. 

We will be using our chronological knowledge to find out about how people have stayed healthy in the past.



Our Theme Is...

'How can we stay healthy?'

Welcome back and Happy New Year!




This term we will be learning all about how people stayed healthy in the past and comparing it to how we stay healthy today. We will be learning about some nursing heroes of the past and present and thinking about how we can keep our bodies fit and healthy.


Miss Drissell, a Student Teacher from UWE, will be with us for the term.


This term we will be reading...


We will be writing some character descriptions based on the characters in these books and we will also be writing some instructions and our own version of a Funnybones story.