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Term 2

Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas break :) 


This term our topic is 'Where did the Vikings come from?'



Our class text in Term 3 is 'How To Train Your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell. During our reading of this book, we will have the chance to write in different genres. Including, instruction writing, newspaper reports and adventure stories. 



History and Geography 


In History this term we will be studying the earliest Viking invasion to the Battle of Hastings! In between, we will be investigating what it was like for Vikings who settled in Britain and what it was like in England when run by a Viking king. 


In Geography we will be exploring Scandinavia - the home of the Vikings! This will involve taking a close look at map skills, the human and physical features of Scandinavia and most importantly comparing this part of the world with where we live. Alongside this we will have the opportunity to recreate some Scandinavian art work. 






In Science this term we are going to be exploring sound. We will investigate why sounds get fainter, how we hear sounds and find out how vibrations play a part in all of this! 





Maths this term, will focus on Multiplication, Division, Fractions and Decimals!