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Hello Robin Class!


Here is our class Home Learning page! We hope you are all staying safe at home. We still want you to keep learning new things like you would be at school so we will be adding work on here for you every week.   You can do your work in your new exercise book, the work for the first two weeks have been printed out for you. We would love to see what you have been doing when we return back to school. Remember to still keep your work neat and try really hard with your letter formation. ~I am sure your family will be very impressed when you show them all the things you have been learning at school. 


We would love to see all the amazing learning you will be doing at home so please email us so we can see photos of your home learning. You can send emails to and it will be forwarded onto us or Reception add it to your Tapestry account.


Have fun spending time with your families and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you all very soon.


From Mrs Bingham and Mrs Sims

Message from Mrs Sims and Mrs Bingham 19.4.20


Hi there Robins


Hope you have had a lovely Easter Break and that the Easter Bunny came to visit you. It has been really lovely to see your emails and Tapestry updates (Reception) letting us know what you have been up to. We really love looking at these as we are missing you lots.


We have been busy getting ready some new home learning for you. Remember that there are lots of helpful websites that you can use to help you with your home learning and different things you might like to try.


Don't forget to share your learning with us by emailing and adding it to your Tapestry accounts (Reception).


Stay safe


Mrs Sims and Mrs Bingham

Message from Mrs Sims and Mrs Bingham 2.4.20


Hello Robins


We hope that you have been having fun and enjoying your home learning that we set for you and sent home in your home learning books. There are also lots of different websites that you can have a look at if you would like with different games and activities to try. They can all be found on our home learning website page


We have loved seeing photos of what you have been doing on your Tapestry accounts and don't forget that you can send them to the school email address so that we can see them and share them with our friends in our school newsletter. We love to see all of the things that you are getting up to. 


We will be setting you some more home learning activities for after the Easter Holidays. Lots of the things that we will be setting you will be going over things that we have already learned in school but we just below we  have put a document to show some of the other areas of maths learning that we have not yet done in school, just in case you would like to get a head. You will be able to find resources to support these objectives on and Here are some Easter activities that you might like to try during the Easter break while we are getting your next lot of home learning ready for you.


Have a lovely week and we will message you again soon.


Mrs Sims and Mrs Bingham

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