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Terms 5-6

Year 6 Pilgrim Day

Today the Year 6s had a lovely time at Wells Cathedral for our Year 6 Pilgrim Day. We split into groups and carried out different activities throughout the morning and then came together for lunch and then a service in the cathedral. Our prayer we wrote together was chosen to be read out to over 300 people! Alby and Lara read it beautifully. Isabel and Archie carried our school banner up the isle with pride and Hannah and Ella collected a candle given to us by the diocese. It was lovely to bump into Rev. Jo throughout the day too - we're so glad she was able to be in our picture!  


VictorianText Regular


Today, we were visited by Tommy The Terrific! He is a Victorian man who used to be a toy maker! He told us all about how Victorian people used to keep themselves entertained on weekends and bank holidays.

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As a school, we celebrated the Royal Wedding by having one of our own! We all came to school dressed in our finery and we re-enacted the wedding service. After the service, we had a reception outside complete with cake and a first dance!

Victorian School Life 

This afternoon, we have been discovering what it would have been like to go to school in the Victorian times. We had to sit in boy-girl rows and practise our handwriting. Our teacher then read rules to us that we had to copy down - it was hard to remember them all and write them down! 

School was a lot more strict back in the Victorian times! 



 Sketching our surroundings

This afternoon, we are taking full advantage of the glorious sunshine and have come outside to sketch our surroundings. We are allowed to draw anything that we can see, it can be a landscape, a drawing of the school or a close up of something specific. 

Stay tuned to see the finished articles! 






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Year 6s, this link will take you to a magical document! Within this document, you are able to click on any of the topics that you would like to revise and recap. Once you've clicked on the topic, you will be able to access some practice questions and then there will be a link to a YouTube video which will show you step-by-step how to answer any questions you're not sure on. 

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Woohoo! Welcome back - it's officially the summer term! Yay! 


This term our topic is called 'We Are Not Amused' and we are going to be looking at the Victorians and what is was like to grow up in the Victorian times. 


This is the last stretch now before Year 6s become Year 7s and the Year 5s become Year 6s! so let's make this term a good'un and ensure that we're all working hard with our spellings, reading and times table practice!