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Week Beginning 29.6.20

Hello Owls!


                I hope you are all ok and have had a good week. It has been really hot in school and we have been dreaming of ice lollies and paddling pools- I hope you have managed to keep cool if you are at home.


This week you will be using your imaginations to think about some objects in your life that may want to quit just like in the story 'The Day the Crayon's Quit'. Have a go at writing a letter pretending to be them- I have written you an example about my shoes! You might even want to write it as a story and draw some pictures to go with it.

In your theme work this week you can have some fun exploring how different colours are made and there is a video for you to watch showing how crayons are made. I have also given you a PE challenge to design and hold your own Olympics at home- I wonder which events you will decide to have?


I hope you have fun with these activities and I am looking forward to seeing more of you in school very soon.


Have a good week,

Miss Hunt