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Term 5

This term our new learning theme is 'What is at the bottom of the garden?' We will be exploring planting and growing, discovering minibeasts and visiting a farm. We will also be thinking about how to keep our bodies healthy and the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet.  

These are some of the texts we will be sharing...

Term 5 Week 1 Update

It has been so lovely to see the children back at school after a well deserved break. This week we have been doing lots counting beyond 20 this week and have enjoyed playing "Unlucky 20". As part of our learning theme "What is at the bottom of the garden?" we have been learning the story of Oliver's vegetables. We have also enjoyed being in our outside area creating our own potting shed. As part of our learning this term we will be doing some planting. This week have planted some cress seeds, thinking about what they need to grow.

Term 5 Week 2 Update

We have continued with our planting this week with the planting of some beans and peas, we are looking forward to watching they grow and change over the coming weeks. This week we share the story of Handa's surprise, looking at a contrasting setting to Oliver's vegetables, looking at where Africa is in the World, the type of climate it has and the different things that are able to grow in the hot climate. We enjoyed exploring some of these fruits by using our sense of sight, touch, smell and taste. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own mini fruit kebabs.


Term 5 Week 3 update

We have been keeping an eye on our bean plants that we planted at the start of term and were excited to see small shoots appear in some of the pots we have planted. To help us learn about bean growth and germination we became the beans ourselves and acted out the different stages of bean germination.

1- roots growing out into the soil

2- shoots being to break through the top of the soil

3- long stem and leaves grow

4- the flowers grow and produce more bean seeds

Term 5 Week 4 Update

In RE this week we have been sharing stories from other religions. This week we shared the Islamic story of The Propet and the Ants and The Crying camel These stories share the message that no matter how small or large animals may be, they are all important to God and need to be cared for. We then decided to go out into the woods to create our own bug hotels for the minibeasts that are living in our woods.

Term 5 Week 5 Update

Look how well our beans have been growing! We have been carefully looking after them making sure we water them just the right amount. This week we enjoyed sharing the Story of the Hungry Caterpillar and enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar and other caterpillar activities.