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Terms 3-4

Making Irrigation canals

This week, we were looking at how the Yellow River affected the Shang Dynasty. We looked at how there was a lot of flooding due to the Yellow River which wiped out crops and villages that provided food to the people of the Shang cities. 

We looked at how Yu the Great built canals off of the Yellow River to reduce the water levels and provide water for crops in villages. We then built our own model irrigation canals out of mud! 


Happy New Year!


Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break. This term, we are looking at the Shang Dynasty and seeing how they used to live in Ancient China. Alongside this, we will be reading 'The Kite Rider' and using this text to form our English for the term. We're hoping to finish off by writing our own version of the story from a different viewpoint. 


In Maths this term, we're off to a cracking start with our fractions work and Miss Carter is excited to see us progress further. 


We are also joined this term by Miss Paul, who has come to join us from Plymouth University. 


Please ensure that you are working really hard to practise your spellings each week and that your homework is handed in on a Wednesday.