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Terms 1-2

Scallywag Regular


On Wednesday 4th October, we had our harvest festival at school where each class contributed. Kestrel class wrote a class poem and drew some fabulous harvest-themed pictures. Here is a copy of our wonderful poem! 

Harvest Time 

Harvest food can be nutritious, 
Very scrumptious and delicious.

We give food to charity,
Lettuce, apples and honey.

We give all sorts of food and thanks, 
To all the helpers in food banks.

People like to mix and bake,
A very yummy chocolate cake.

Cake may be really delicious,
But they’re not very nutritious.

Potatoes grow in the ground,
And in autumn will be found.

Amazing, nutritious,
Healthy and delicious.

destain Regular


In Kestrel Class, we have updated our reflection area by making stain glass windows in the shape of crosses. We looked at the importance of reflecting and giving thanks. They look really effective! 

Space Pointiff


Kestrel Class have had a fantastic, settled start to term 1! 


This term our whole school topic is 'Are We There Yet?' During the first two weeks of term, the whole school looked at 'Captain Plank's Pirate Adventure' and all learnt it by heart using a story map that we created as a class. We then wrote our own stories based on Captain Plank. 


In art, we are looking at drawing self-portraits and have been focusing on practising our technique of drawing different facial features.



On Friday 15th September, we had a whole school pirate WOW day where we dressed up as pirates and wrote messages in a bottle using a pirate dictionary! In the afternoon, we played pirate games with Kingfisher Class!